Lawn Construction

If you need a lawn prepped within the Hawkes Bay (Napier, Hastings & Havelock North) look no further.

Our machines make life easy. No back breaking shovel work – means you get the proper job done and no shortcuts.

If you require lawns & landscaping from the ground up including earthworks (dingo, digger & bobcat), soil and bark, compost and raised gardens or just a great lawn; we do the whole job saving you time from organising a lot of different contractors and experts.

Hawkes Bay has some of the best weather in the country and you need to protect your lawn by consistent watering & irrigation. One way to do this is install an automated irrigation system – check out our DIY section here on irrigation on how to do it! We can do this before your new lawn goes in.

Whether you have just built a brand new home or have an existing home you wish to renovate, we can help you with lawn needs – instant lawn is the roll out grass which transforms your backyard instantly to a lush paradise. Hydroseed is the spray on grass you see that is a neon green colour once applied – this will give a very even strike 98% of the time and is worth every dollar. Great for spring and autumn but even works during summer if watering is kept up. We also install dryseed if you are on a tight budget – our machine drills it into the ground to protect from birds and weather conditions to ensure a good strike.

Check out our lawn care guide here – which we supply once we finish the lawn for you.

See the Gallery for some of our Landscaping jobs we have completed.

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