Crane Dingo

This job was a big in every way! A big retaining wall needed to be built (5m high!).  It also had a big problem with zero drive on access!  The machine had to be craned in from street level as pictured.

After the initial crane in, we had to excavate very carefully the existing slope and prepare the bottom layer in front of the house for the giant holes 600mm wide x 3.5m deep! The holes were done with the Dingo K9-4 and took 1 week to drill.  The 300 SED posts were then craned in and the Dingo then dragged each of these poles (1/2 tonne each!) into position.

The concrete was pumped in from the top street level and the concrete was left to harden for about a week.  The panels (T&G) were then nailed to the posts and the wall was constructed.

The backfill had to be all metal and was tipped over the bank to the dingo below (over 200m3!) this was ferried down behind the wall with the dingo and compacted with a plate compactor as we went.

It was a bit of a juggling match keeping the good topsoil separate from the clay fill.  We had to backfill as we went, a little bit of metal then some more clay, metal, clay and so on.

Once all the metal was place behind the wall, the dirt that was stock pilled could be place over the top and levelled.  Check out the before and after pictures below:



Once all the major earthworks were completed the wall and dirt was left to settle for 3 months and we once again returned to site and installed the new lawn, a play house, sand pit, another upper retaining wall, a seated bench and native bush planted area.