Terms & Conditions

Terms of Trade

1. Estimation/Quotation

If Baywide Dingo’s gives an estimate, that estimate is nothing more than an indication of the cost of the work, and the final cost of the work may vary from the estimate. If a qutation is given, that quotation is a firm price that will not be altered during its currency unless the customer requests changes to the work or there are delays in the scope of the work being undertaken which are not directly attributable to Baywide Dingos

2. Scope of work

The estimate/quotation is confined to the work described. If any additional work is required, or there are changes to the work originally specified, that additional work or those changes may be charged for by Baywide Dingo’s.

3. Underground and Above Utilities

The Customer shall arrange for the searching of records to determine the existence and position of pipes, cables and other utilities on or about the relevant property. The Customer shall also be responsible for physically locating the position of all such utilities and shall arrange with the controlling authorities for all necessary exploration work, location, protection, isolation, offsetting, reinstatement or alteration required. Prior to commencement of the work, the Customer shall supply Baywide Dingo’s with the details of any hazards or potential risks to the safety of those working on the site.

4. Unforeseen Physical Conditions & Soil

If during carrying out of the work Baywide Dingo’s encounters on the property physical conditions which it considers could not reasonably have been foreseen by an experienced contractor when quoting for the work and which will in its opinion substantially increase the cost of completing the work Baywide Dingo’s shall consult with the Customer as to the charging of an additional payment for such increased costs associated with the unforeseen physical conditions. If after consultation the parties are not able to agree upon the additional payment, then both parties shall have the right to cancel this contract subject only to Baywide Dingo’s being paid for any part of the work completed.

The quote is prepared on the basis that soil is free from rocks, stones, rubbish, concrete and abnormally hard conditions. An extra charge may be made if additional site work is required and/or work is delayed because of the foregoing. Note; if soil is to be removed from the property then additional costs will apply, ie dump fees and transport etc.

5. Consents & Entry

The Customer shall obtain all necessary consents to enable the work to proceed (including any resource consents required under the Resource Management Act 1991). The Customer hereby irrevocably authorizes Baywide Dingo’s to enter the Customer’s land and building for the purpose of completing the work.

6. Limits of Liability

Baywide Dingo’s will not accept any responsibility or liability for delay or damage caused directly or indirectly by weather conditions, labour disputes, strike, lock out, accident, fire, act of god, breach of this contract by the Customer under clauses 3 or 4, or any other event beyond the control of Baywide Dingo’s. In any event the liability of Baywide Dingo’s shall be confined to damages not exceeding in total a sum equivalent to the estimate/quotation.

7. Additional entitlements

Baywide Dingo’s shall be entitled to:

  • Decline to commence work until all conditions to be fulfilled by the customer prior to the commencement of work have been fulfilled.
  • Cancel this contract if the customer shall fail to promptly perform any of the customer’s obligations under this contract.
  • Publish any photos or videos taken whilst on site. These files will not show addresses or private information and will be job related.

8. Lawns

Baywide Dingo’s will ensure your lawn has a premium finish and all our best efforts will be employed to ensure the lawn will have a good chance at growing. Baywide Dingo’s, however does not guarantee a strike. Baywide Dingo’s will not accept any responsibility or liability for poor strike rate or damage caused directly or indirectly by weather conditions or environmental factors such as soil temperature, wet or dry conditions, over watering, under watering and pedestrian damage.

9. Payment

I/We agree that your Terms of Trading are payment

7 days after the invoice date and such payment will be made for goods or services supplied to us or any other monies owed under this Quotation/Estimate.

INTERNET BANKING A/C 06 0701 0343495 00

(please quote name & reference when transferring)

I/We also agree: [1] that you have the right to charge interest on all outstanding monies up to 2.5 percent per month [2] any costs incurred in collection of overdue accounts will be added to the account [3] ownership of or property in any goods/services purchased under these credit terms will not pass to the buyer until full payment has been received by you [4] Further, I/We authorize Baywide Dingo’s to collect, retain and use any information about the Buyer, for the purpose of assessing the Buyers creditworthiness; to disclose information about the Buyer, whether collected by Baywide Dingo’s or obtained from any other source, to any other credit provider or any credit reporting agency for the purpose of providing or obtaining a credit reference, or for the purposes of notifying other credit providers of a default by the Buyer.